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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007


Real Name: Eugenia Espona.
Nick Name: Miskuki.
Description: She is tall and fat. Her clothes are spotted. She has a tatoo in her neck. She has got a black patch on her left eye because in a battle, Brandy Looks cut her eye! She has got a black and red hat. Her hair is brown, short and untidy. She has got a lot of lice and she eats them. She is very ill because the lice ate all her food. She is always smiling. She is lookig for Brandy Looks to fight against her, so if you see a pirate looking for fight you must know it is her.
Deeds: She stole a bank, twenty dollars, she kidnapped all the children from Newland´s and made them pretend they were her so that the police would not catch her. She took the computers to her ship and navigated on the internet. She published on the net the reward for the school children.
Reward: One hundred golden coins, a treasure, twenty pearls and twenty diamonds.

By: Florencia

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