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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007

Green Hook Jason

Real name: Cecilia Palacios.
Nickname: Green Hook Jason.
Description: She has got a green hook and an orange hat of a real pirate. She is tall, skinny and rude. She was unfaithful. She is ten years old. She has one tooth. Her hair is brown and her eyes are red. She has tatoos of pirates in her body. One tatoo is of pirates from the Caribbean.
Deeds: She stole the homework from Sofía and she copied from her homework. She destroyed the exam from Alvaro. She escaped from School. She did not have friends. She signed the discipline book ten times. She found one treasure, that treasure was a 10 in an exam.
Reward: Ten rotten teeth, two amimals and rotten food.

By: Lautaro and Alvaro

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