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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007

Captain Foullent

Pirate Name: Captin Foullent.
Complete name: Laura Ines Smietniasky.
Physical appearance: she has a patch because she is the captain and she has a hurt ye. She has a lot of beard in the face. She has a lovely red hat. She has two yellow teeth and a necklac with the crossbons and the skull.
Clothes: The last time we saw her she was wearing a hat and a red t-shirt. She had black, smelly trousers.
Deeds: she fought Facu and Fede a lot because they were the enemies . She stole a bank and she had $87.000 golden coins.
Reward: a car, a lot of money and golden coins.

By: Gerónimo and Tomás

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