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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007

Captain Scared

Pirate Name: Captain Scared
Complete Name: Agustina Caceres
Physical appearance: Agustina has a brown eye and brown hair. She has a patch because somebody hurt her eyes with a sword. She has long, black beard.
Clothes: The last time we saw her, she was wearing a hat with crossbones, a white t-shirt, a blue coat and a pair of pants but all the clothes were colourful.
Deeds: We are looking for her because she kidnapped students: Florencia and Sebastián. She stole diamonds and rubies from third green because she was very bad and she liked to have a lot of money. She also killed her mother because she hates all the world.
Reward: $ 18.000, sweets, one ship and the crew.

By: Florencia

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