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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007

Captain Pink

REAL NAME: Captain Pink.
COMPLETE NAME: Daniela Rosa.
PHYSIAL APPEARENCE: She has black hair, brown eyes, she doesn't have three teeth. She has a black patch because a bird took the eye out. She has black beard because she doesn't shave. She has a tatoo the left arm.
CLOTHES: the last time we saw her, she was wearing a ret t-shirt with the logo of pirates, a pink coat, blue pants and orange shoes. She had a red hat.
DEEDS: We are looking for her because she pulled miss Moni's hair and she killed3 pirates of Captain Kill. The students are Agustina Castro Acevedo , Sebastian Varisto and Camila Villar. She also made Miss Lari walk the plank.
REWARD: $5.600 and the biggest dog.

By: Agustina and Camila

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