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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007

Captain Kill

Pirate Name: Captain Kill.
Real Name: Daiana Martinez.
Physical description: She has brown head and a brown eyes . She ahs a black beard and a black patch because one pirate took the eye. The enemy dig a knife in her face and cut her.
Clothes: The last time we saw her, she was wearing a black patch, a red hat, a green T-shirt, a black hook and brown trousers.
Deeds: We are looking for her because she stole 1o candies from the tuck shop of Romina. One day she stole a pen of Mateo. Captain Kill stole the monster of 3_V. She stole the red copybook of Camila and stole the comunications copybook of Franco. Captain Kill stole $ 1.200 of the bank.
Reward: $ 1,200, 10 sweets (palitos de la selva) and a language portfolio.

By: Tati and Mateo

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