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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007

Captain Gold

Pirate Name: Captain Gold.
Real Name: Cecilia Palacios.
Physical Appearance: She has a brown eye and a black patch because a shark ate the eye and put a patch in the hole. Her hair is black and short. She has black beard, a golden teeth and she lost two teeth.
Clothes: The last time we saw her she was wearing a blue pinafor because she stole it from Miss Larisa. She was wearing a black hat with the skull and the crossbones of pirates.
Deeds: She made five students walk the plank and stole 800.500.000 golden coins from the bank. She also burnt a flag of other pirates because they were the enemies. She moved the table of Miss Mónica to the ship because she was bad with all the people qand because she didn't want Miss to write bad notes in the "compromiso copybook".
Reward: one golden coin, three computers and a crew of courageous and silly pirates.

By: Santi and Facu

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