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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007

Captain Beard

NAME: Captain Beard.
COMPLETE NAME: Patricia Muiño.
PHISICAL APPEARANCE: She is little, not very strong, quick and famous. The eyes are light blue and the hair is short. She has a scar and a red cut on the face because she fell on a rock. She has a black patch because she cut the eye when she was preparing the food.
CLOTHES: The last time we saw her she was wearing a black and white T-shirt, golden pants and one patch. She had a hat with the crossbones and the skull. She had a bag of gold.
DEEDS: Weare looking for her because she stole a Treasure of Mónica, and she marooned all the students in The Bermuda Triangle with a chest and inside crabs. She put a bomb in Newlands school because she wanted holidays.
REWARD: $ 400,000 and 2 weeks in the place you want.

By: Lucas and Nico

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