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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007

Black Bart

Real Name: Marisol Perez
Nickname: Black Bart
Description: She has got a black hat, a patch, a black hook, a brown peg leg. She is greedy, rude, creepy and ugly.
Deeds: She sailed in the seven seas, she found a big treasure. One day she was sailing in the seven seas and she crashes with an island. She woke and she saw a big treasure with a lot of gold. She killed the king of the island and then she stole a lot of gold. She killed the king´s family and she took all the things they had. She found another pirate and she killed him with a gun. She stole in Adrogué, she set a trick and she killed a pirate.
Reward: Dead or alive, 10000 golden coins.

By: Catalina and Tomás B.

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