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martes, 29 de noviembre de 2016

The Wonderful World of Dinosaurs

3rd. Form

We enter the fascinating world of dinosaurs!!! In this project, we had tons of fun and became paleontologists for a while. What an amazing adventure!

Activity 8: We created different solution strategies to build the skeleton of the dinosaurs.

Problem: Build up the skeleton of a dinosaur

Data: - Model of the dinosaur.
          - different bones

Tools: - Stamps
           - Ink
           - White paper

Possible Solution:

a) We should begin by the feet and legs because it holds the body, then by the chest, head and tail.

b) We should start by the chest because it´s in the middle of the body, then by the head; legs, feet and tail.

c) We should begin by the tail because it keeps the dinosaur balanced, then by the chest, head; legs and feet.

The majority voted: Solution "b"

Conclusion: We realized that the best solution was to start by the chest (solution "b")

Activity 7: Paleontologists study the bones and parts of dinosaurs’ body that were buried in the ground millions of years ago. Let’s pretend to be scientists.





Activity 6: I describe my dinosaur

Look for your dinosaur and describe it
dinos green dinos Blue  

We share our finished work

Activity 5: We design our own dinosaur.

For this activity, think about the dinosaur’s parts of the body very carefully!


Activity 4: Let’s solve these activities and learn a bit more.





Activity 3: Build a dinosaur, answer the questions and then classify them.



Activity 2: Let’s watch this animation, let’s analyse the story elements and then get ready to write the story on your own!

Activity 1: Work on the periods they belonged to and visit an online museum.

dino 2

dino 2

dino 1

dino 3

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